We Could’ve Had a Two-fer

NBC reported yesterday that Minnesota health officials have requested an additional $5 million appropriation to deal with an “extraordinarily expensive” measles outbreak among the state’s Somali population, a group which has largely refused measles vaccinations for their children in recent years.

Why the great frozen Upper Midwest, colonized in the 19th century mainly by pioneers of German and Viking stock, is now home to a substantial population of refugees and transplants from the semi-tropical Horn of Africa is in some fundamental sense mysterious. Yes, yes, I know the State Department has run refugee resettlement rackets from time to time in the past, and that do-gooder Lutheran organizations with their roots in the Upper Midwest have participated heavily in these schemes. But taking a step back and viewing the picture from a Martian visitor’s perspective it just seems unbearably odd. Minnesota has gone from 94.4% non-Hispanic white in 1990 to 81.0% non-Hispanic white in 2015, and there hasn’t even been an intervening war, invasion or cataclysm to account for this sudden and massive population shift. Even the very climate seems ideally suited to people with an ancestry within spitting distance of the Polar Circle, while tortuously harsh to those whose roots are in warmer climes. Yet here were are.  The locals just let it happen.

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Freedom of Buggery

The Governess of Alabama, Kay Ivey, signed a bill Wednesday protecting the rights of private, faith-based adoption agencies to turn away gay couples. She did so after the bill passed by overwhelming margins in the houses of the state legislature.

Naturally, the goodthinking left-leaning press is very displeased with this result, blathering on about the evils of state-sanctioned discrimination and all that.

But it’s funny, when you think about it, how the left’s message of “tolerance” has evolved from something like:

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Leaded Law Holds True in Cincinnati!

Several weeks ago, I took note of a shooting at the Cameo nightclub in Cincinnati, an event which promised to provide another perfect test of my so-called “Leaded Law.” That is, my rule of thumb which states that, in a mass shooting event, the killed-to-wounded ratio reliably provides predicts the demographic characteristics of the shooter(s) — basically, deadlier means whiter. With a ratio of 1 killed to 14 wounded, and no other pertinent details released at the time, the Cameo shooting looked squarely like the work of one or more young black males — quite possibly gang members.

I promised to follow up, and so I have. And it sure looks like reality has a predictably Racist tilt, because these are the folks who were arrested in connection with this crime:

Deondre Davis and Cornell Beckley: the suspects arrested in connection with the Cameo nightclub shooting in Cincinnati

For good measure, the local papers report that the shooting was in fact a gun battle involving at least these two suspects. Mr. Davis has prior criminal convictions for heroin trafficking and Mr. Beckley has prior criminal convictions for gun violence. The majority of the shooting victims were said to have not been involved in the dispute which led to the firefight.

Does The Leaded Law Hold True in Cincinnati?

Another nightclub shooting.

Reports are in of a nightclub shooting in Cincinnati; one dead and 14 injured. No suspects captured as of yet.

With just the information from the Daily Mail’s headline, can we use our rules of thumb to paint a more detailed picture of the crime and the criminal?

Recall the Leaded Law: Because marksmanship is just another form of White Privilege, the casualty ratio in a mass shooting is usually a good (but not perfect) indicator of the demographic profile of the shooter, as follows:

Casualty Ratio (Killed:Wounded)               Profile of Shooter

Lower than 1:3                                                   Young Black Male

Greater than 1:3, lower than 2:1                  Young “Irish” or Hispanic Male

Greater than 2:1                                                Young White Male


With a casualty ratio of 1:14, I’m going to guess that the shooter was a young Black male gang member with a score to settle.

We’ll follow this story and see how it turns out.


The Usual Double Standards

Some early, hopeful rays of light have shone through since the inauguration of President Trump, piercing the cloud of darkness left by his predecessor in office. The Washington Post reports on another today, stating that the weekly number of U.S. government deportation flights landing in Mexico City has gone up 50% since the current President took office — from two to three. The most recent flight carried 135 people. At that rate, and if that was the only deportation channel, it would only take around 480 years (as opposed to 720) to fly all our illegal aliens to Mexico City. Baby steps, but in the right direction.

But what really struck me, when reading that report, was the dullness that the WaPo’s left-wing politically correct agenda imposes upon the intellects of their writers and editors. It requires a lot of willful blindness to carry out their (un)holy mission of trying to guilt legacy-Americans into thinking that basic law enforcement is bad. Two whoppers stood out.

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And The Hunt Continues For The Great White Defendant

Narrative collapses… time to move on.

Over the past month, numerous Jewish Community Centers (“JCCs”) across America received hoax bomb threats. These frequently triggered building evacuations, police responses, security sweeps and a whole lot of general consternation. A number of Hebrew graves in St. Louis were also vandalized at the time, which was viewed as somehow probably linked to the bomb threats.

Our hysterical friends in the mainstream press, who still fixate daily on Adolf Hitler, lost no time rushing to insinuate that these anti-Jewish incidents were the fault of some very-bad no-good right-wing Trump-supporting cisgendered heteropatriarchical White Men, and that our sitting President bore responsibility for unleashing these menaces on an unsuspecting population. For instance, the Washington Post wrote, on February 21:

The remarks by Trump [denouncing the JCC bomb threats] also appear aimed at easing pressure on his administration, which faces claims from opponents that it has failed to distance itself from extremist ideology and has emboldened right-wing groups through its populist, America-first themes.

Got that? According to conventional wisdom, the chain of causation is:

Election of Trump –> fails to distance himself from “extremist ideology” (note the use of the same phrase typically reserved for guys like Jihadi John) –> Emboldened right-wing groups –> White guys intimidating Jews.

You know the guys that the Washington Post has in mind. They’re thinking of the guys in this photo, when they get a little too boozed up:

Emboldened right-wing Trump supporters who were no doubt behind the JCC hoax bomb threats.

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One Victory At A Time

Back in November, shortly after Donald Trump’s election, I wrote a very popular post in which I called upon the President-elect to deport every publicity-seeking illegal alien who was audacious enough to flaunt his lawbreaking habits. I even helpfully assembled a list of such illegal aliens based on press articles, where such aliens tended to give sob-story interviews in a misplaced attempt to garner sympathy.

While President Trump did not manage to deport everyone on my list during his first day in office — and while he has been disappointingly slow and equivocal as to what policies he will adopt with respect to Obama’s lawless DACA program —  I must give credit where it is due. After years of anarch0-tyranny, his administration is showing signs of cracking down on the proper object of Federal law enforcement: the brazen and the lawless.

Today’s Washington Post provides an excellent example: Daniela Vargas, 22, late of Jackson, Miss., and former participant in the DACA program (she allowed her DACA status to expire last November) spoke at a news conference on the steps of Jackson city hall after her father and brother — also illegal aliens — had been detained by the immigration authorities. Shortly after speaking at that news conference she was detained by the immigration authorities as an “unlawfully present Argentinian citizen.”


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