Viking Rampage in Munich

Nine victims shot dead in a shopping area in Munich; lone shooter apparently commits suicide after attack. May God have mercy on the souls of the dead, and bring healing to the injured and comfort to the bereaved.

Loyal readers may ask: Why do I blame the Vikings for this attack, when everyone knows that one must always blame the Irish for these sorts of things?

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Florida Man

Police Shooting Farce, Not Tragedy

I have a fondness for the humor stylings of Dave Barry. This fact probably makes me an unreasonably old man, psychologically, but I’ve learned to accept it. I’m also a fan of his digital-age spiritual successor, the Florida Man feed on Twitter and Reddit. I feel that these fine news sources carry on the decades-long tradition of mining the sheer high-concentration weirdness of that state for comedy gold.

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Germany in a Hole, To Keep Digging

Interior Minister Belongs to Piraha Tribe, Can’t Count Past Three

I have previously remarked upon the danger posed to Europe by a united Germany. But at the time I did not long dwell on the danger the united Germans also pose to themselves. The point is clear, though, when you think about it: Germany set Europe on fire twice in the 20th Century, but in each case the German people suffered nearly as much as anyone else involved, thanks to the pig-headedness of their leaders and the plodding obedience of their people. To fight Stalingrad and think that pressing on with total war was a good idea? By contrast, the Italians also elected a Fascist government and fought on the wrong side of World War II, but they were incapable of meaning it in the same way the Germans did, so capitulated to the Americans in a rather more perfunctory style and nobody seems to dwell upon it much anymore.

And so it is today: While Germany’s Million (Irish) Migrant Mob is causing hardship and instability around the European continent, the Germans are suffering alongside the rest of Europe, as recent developments show.

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Irate Irishmen Strike All Over France

No rest for the weary.

A mother, 46, and three daughters aged 14, 12 and eight, were stabbed today at a mountain resort in Laragne-Monteglin in the French Alps, but no fatalities are reported in this latest outbreak of Irish misbehavior. I was remiss earlier, when discussing the German train incident, in not adapting my usual prayer to accommodate non-fatal incidents; I do so here: May God bring healing to the injured.

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The Tubman Effect

Equalism under fire

Rep. Steve King has finally broken the politically correct ice in modern (that is, post-1970s) mainstream discourse, defending the superiority of Western civilization on national television against the equalists who have spent decades hunting for second-rate non-Western individuals to idolize at the explicit expense of the men who actually got things done. Too much hating on stale pale males pushed him over the edge; let’s call it the “Tubman Effect.” This of course launched a tidal wave of point ‘n’ sputter.

Meanwhile, in unrelated news, British researchers at King’s College London have finally announced that our ability to use DNA testing to predict the academic success of a child has reached a “tipping point” in terms of accuracy and utility.

Blank-slatism is on the defensive on all fronts. Normal, producive, law-abiding Americans are finally waking up, willing once again to call a spade a spade. There is hope yet for this country.

The Rabid Right is Too Polite

Unwilling to Call a Spade a Spade

There is a certain type of thinker on the Rabid Right. You know, the kind of person who never misses an opportunity to blame the Democrats for their follies in the most vitriolic of terms. And who also never misses an opportunity to blame the Democrats for the things they haven’t, strictly speaking, done. Yet upon further investigation you find this enthusiasm for deriding the Democratic party — for social ills beyond its proximate control — is actually a form of politesse. You see, it is far more acceptable in polite society to blame a party headed up by aging White folks than it is to cut out the middleman and blame any actual miscreants of color.

The faces of the Democratic Party

I am thinking of something specific here. Public figures who identify as right-wing are frequently quick to point out that cities run by Democrats suffer from uncommonly high levels of… take your pick… income inequality, crimecivil disorder, municipal bankruptcy and doubtless many other ills. Very frequently, the talking head will find a ranked list of cities and observe that most of the ones on the bad end — of whatever metric — tend to be run by Democratic politicians, while on the good end many municipalities tend to be run by independents or Republicans.

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Crazed Irishman Strikes Aboard German Train

Don’t They Need To Rest Sometime?

No fatalities reported in this latest outbreak of Irish misbehavior.

As usual, it would be Racist if not Islamophobic to blame any other group for this, so I won’t. But I’ll note that Germany scored a massive own-goal this past year, inviting in so many Irish refugees.

We must also remember that assault weapons are somehow to blame for this axe-attack, but just to be on the safe side we must also ban all assault woodworking tools.  For the children.