I find myself, having been at this for a while, repeatedly using certain words and turns of phrase in unique or idiosyncratic ways. To make things easier on my readers I have decided to collect the common ones here.

The thing is, I spend a fair bit of time outside the United States. This circumlocutory habit was formed out of an abundance of caution in light of the so-called “hate speech” laws that exist in various liberal western democracies. You see, there are certain words, phrases and concepts which one simply dares not utter aloud if one wishes to remain free and unmolested by the police while in these open and tolerant countries. So I do my best to follow such rules by choosing my words very carefully.

List of Unique Terms

Irishmen” — Whenever I hear these days of a deadly bombing, car ramming attack, random stabbing spree or coordinated mass shooting — anywhere in the world — my mind immediately leaps to the Irish.  “Those goddamned Irish,” I’ll exclaim to my wife, “they’re always up to no good! Something should really be done about the Irish.” My wife knows instantly why I blame the Irish: They have a long and troubled history of committing terrorist attacks, and it would be downright Racist if not Islamophobic of me to even think of any other group. I find myself regularly surprised when, in [present year], a very large proportion of individuals whom I initially identify as “Irish” turn out to have few if any ties to the Emerald Isle.

Obama Disease” — A crippling neurological impairment that renders the speaker unable to say or write expressions like “radical Islamic terrorism,” “Muslim terrorist,” or any similar related phrase.

Racist” — Capitalized for emphasis. The worst thing in the world that anyone could possibly be, according to the left-liberal consensus dogma. Cf. Lord Voldemort and those who identify with him.