Now THAT’s How It’s Done!

On August 17, 2017, a suspected “Irish drunk driver” rammed a van into a crowd of tourists on a major shopping street in Barcelona, Spain. Thirteen people were killed and at least 50 were wounded. I pause for my usual statement: May God have mercy on the souls of the dead, bring healing to the injured and comfort to the bereaved.

This is just another in a seemingly endless list of such attacks, so there is very little I feel like adding to the main topic at hand; that is, to the unusually strong propensity for people from certain religious and ethnic backgrounds to run around murdering their fellow townsmen seemingly at random. Anyone who hasn’t by now concluded that the incremental risk posed by such populations is hardly worth the virtue-signalling benefits of encouraging more such people to move to town will never learn. A Goodwhite of that purity will go to his dying day wishing for more — whether that dying day is peaceful, in bed at a ripe old age, or whether it is untimely and violent, met on the streets or in a theater or cafe, and at the point of a jihadi’s knife, or under the wheels of his van, tasting hot lead from his semiautomatic rifle, or blasted with shrapnel from his suicide bomb vest. Some people will never learn. But the rational among us have concluded: Stop inviting more in. Kick out the ones who may legally be kicked out. And try really hard both to assimilate and police those who remain. There’s little else that a sane man can do.

This incident brings us back to reality. It reminds us what real terrorism is. After the unfortunate ramming incident in Charlottesville less than a week ago, where a disaffected participant in the right-wing protest apparently rammed his car into a crowd of left-wing anti-protesters, killing one and injuring 19, there were howls from the idiot leftist press to hold this incident up as “Radical White Terrorism.” This was a silly label to whip out so quickly and gleefully, and President Trump was right to avoid it.

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Obama Disease: A Call To Action

As we all know, there has recently been a suicide bombing at an arena in Manchester at the end of a concert attended mostly by little girls, allegedly perpetrated by an “Irishman” named Salman Ramadan Abedi, a British-born individual of Libyan extraction.

I pause for my usual formula: May God have mercy on the souls of the dead, and bring healing to the injured and comfort to the bereaved.

The press coverage and commentary which followed contains, in many cases, the usual signs and symptoms of what I have taken to calling Obama Disease: a crippling neurological impairment that renders the speaker unable to say or write expressions like “radical Islamic terrorism,” “Muslim terrorist,” or any similar related phrase.

Accordingly, I hereby call upon the CDC, NIH and our other public health authorities immediately to undertake a costly program of federal research into the causes of, and treatments for, this horrible disease. Lives depend on it!

Does The Leaded Law Hold True in Cincinnati?

Another nightclub shooting.

Reports are in of a nightclub shooting in Cincinnati; one dead and 14 injured. No suspects captured as of yet.

With just the information from the Daily Mail’s headline, can we use our rules of thumb to paint a more detailed picture of the crime and the criminal?

Recall the Leaded Law: Because marksmanship is just another form of White Privilege, the casualty ratio in a mass shooting is usually a good (but not perfect) indicator of the demographic profile of the shooter, as follows:

Casualty Ratio (Killed:Wounded)               Profile of Shooter

Lower than 1:3                                                   Young Black Male

Greater than 1:3, lower than 2:1                  Young “Irish” or Hispanic Male

Greater than 2:1                                                Young White Male


With a casualty ratio of 1:14, I’m going to guess that the shooter was a young Black male gang member with a score to settle.

We’ll follow this story and see how it turns out.


Irish Drunk Driving Incident in Ohio

Frontlash ensues.

Yesterday, an “Irishman” by the name of Abdul Razak Ali Artan (who, quite the world traveler, was also a Somali refugee) deliberately rammed his car into several pedestrians at Ohio State University in Columbus. He then got out of his car and started stabbing people; a total of eleven victims were injured in this attack but none were killed. A police officer quickly intervened and shot the marauding Irishman to death, ending the attack.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan, suspect in the recent ramming and stabbing attack at Ohio State University in Columbus.

I pause now to pray that God should bring healing to the wounded.

As a far wiser man than I once observed, the standard leftist reaction to this sort of event is “frontlash.” What is frontlash? It is a pre-emptive bout of highly-public virtue-signalling and hand-wringing to lament the hypothetical backlash that Evil White Racists are expected to engage in when reacting to the latest outrage committed by a sacred Person of Color. Whether those Evil White Racists ever get around to actually committing any violent acts of backlash (or whether the expectation of violence is actually some kind of psychological projection on the part of the frontlashers) is largely besides the point. You see, actual reflection over the unusually high incidence of violent terrorist ramming, stabbing and shooting attacks perpetrated by “Irishmen” and Somali refugees — and any contemplation of what might be done about it — is of course an impermissible Thought Crime. After all, dwelling on the point too long might lead one to commit the unpardonable sin of voting for Donald Trump. Obviously, this must be avoided at all costs!

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The Irish Are Up To Their Old Tricks Again — France Edition

Back in October, I pointed out that the sacred Muslim months of truce were due to come to an end in November.

And, like clockwork, the French authorities have just arrested six “Irishmen” for plotting a terrorist attack in that country. The French got lucky this time; but even the authorities there acknowledge that “it is not possible to ensure zero risk despite everything we are doing,” apparently in an attempt to brace the public for the some future attempt which the police don’t manage to thwart.

This “premise of inevitability” doesn’t bear too close examination in polite society. While it is impossible for the authorities to eliminate all risks in life, it is innumerate — but fashionable — to ignore the relative magnitudes of the various risks facing the public, while pretending there is nothing that can be done (short of imposing police-state surveillance) to mitigate any of them.

This is an epic, civilizational-suicide level of willful stupidity.

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Haven Monahan Strikes Again!

He jets off to Merrie Olde England!

Back in September, a 14 year old girl in Oxford, England, told the police that she had been abducted by two men in a silver car and then raped in a wooded area. Unsurprisingly to followers of the current zeitgeist, the description she gave of her assailants led to the following police sketches being released:

Haven Monahan and Other Haven Monahan, suspects in an alleged September 2016 kidnapping and rape of a 14 year old girl in Oxford, England.

Following this report, the local police investigated the case diligently, reviewing surveillance footage and dash-cam recordings, forensically examining wooded areas, and interviewing witnesses.

To what result?

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Months of Truce

They’re nearly over

I did some research when preparing my recent Holiday Greetings post. Yes, I’m that detail oriented. Laugh if you must, but what I found out has shed some light on a question that’s been nagging me for a few weeks.

Keen observers may note that the pace of Irish misbehavior in Europe and the United States has subsided somewhat in recent months. It has not gone away entirely — the rather ineffective lone-wolf bombings in New York and the solo Minnesota Mall Rampage both took place on the same weekend in September, and a lone “Hispanic” gunman shot several people dead in a Washington state mall the week after.  But we’ve seen nothing recent that has been as spectacular as the July “drunk-driving” incident in Nice, France, or the “NRA-inspired” gay disco kerfuffle which took place in June in Orlando, Florida, or the San Bernardino office party contretemps which took place back in December 2015.

I don’t think this is entirely a coincidence.

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