Now THAT’s How It’s Done!

On August 17, 2017, a suspected “Irish drunk driver” rammed a van into a crowd of tourists on a major shopping street in Barcelona, Spain. Thirteen people were killed and at least 50 were wounded. I pause for my usual statement: May God have mercy on the souls of the dead, bring healing to the injured and comfort to the bereaved.

This is just another in a seemingly endless list of such attacks, so there is very little I feel like adding to the main topic at hand; that is, to the unusually strong propensity for people from certain religious and ethnic backgrounds to run around murdering their fellow townsmen seemingly at random. Anyone who hasn’t by now concluded that the incremental risk posed by such populations is hardly worth the virtue-signalling benefits of encouraging more such people to move to town will never learn. A Goodwhite of that purity will go to his dying day wishing for more — whether that dying day is peaceful, in bed at a ripe old age, or whether it is untimely and violent, met on the streets or in a theater or cafe, and at the point of a jihadi’s knife, or under the wheels of his van, tasting hot lead from his semiautomatic rifle, or blasted with shrapnel from his suicide bomb vest. Some people will never learn. But the rational among us have concluded: Stop inviting more in. Kick out the ones who may legally be kicked out. And try really hard both to assimilate and police those who remain. There’s little else that a sane man can do.

This incident brings us back to reality. It reminds us what real terrorism is. After the unfortunate ramming incident in Charlottesville less than a week ago, where a disaffected participant in the right-wing protest apparently rammed his car into a crowd of left-wing anti-protesters, killing one and injuring 19, there were howls from the idiot leftist press to hold this incident up as “Radical White Terrorism.” This was a silly label to whip out so quickly and gleefully, and President Trump was right to avoid it.

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Onion Singularity — Military Edition

As I’ve said many times, I believe we reached the Onion Singularity years ago. The Onion singularity is kind of like the Turing Test — it’s when the average reader can no longer reliability differentiate between “serious journalism” and satire.

This week brought yet another example of it.

Back in the 1970s, this (see below) was considered fun, family-friendly slapstick humor:

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And The Hunt Continues For The Great White Defendant

Narrative collapses… time to move on.

Over the past month, numerous Jewish Community Centers (“JCCs”) across America received hoax bomb threats. These frequently triggered building evacuations, police responses, security sweeps and a whole lot of general consternation. A number of Hebrew graves in St. Louis were also vandalized at the time, which was viewed as somehow probably linked to the bomb threats.

Our hysterical friends in the mainstream press, who still fixate daily on Adolf Hitler, lost no time rushing to insinuate that these anti-Jewish incidents were the fault of some very-bad no-good right-wing Trump-supporting cisgendered heteropatriarchical White Men, and that our sitting President bore responsibility for unleashing these menaces on an unsuspecting population. For instance, the Washington Post wrote, on February 21:

The remarks by Trump [denouncing the JCC bomb threats] also appear aimed at easing pressure on his administration, which faces claims from opponents that it has failed to distance itself from extremist ideology and has emboldened right-wing groups through its populist, America-first themes.

Got that? According to conventional wisdom, the chain of causation is:

Election of Trump –> fails to distance himself from “extremist ideology” (note the use of the same phrase typically reserved for guys like Jihadi John) –> Emboldened right-wing groups –> White guys intimidating Jews.

You know the guys that the Washington Post has in mind. They’re thinking of the guys in this photo, when they get a little too boozed up:

Emboldened right-wing Trump supporters who were no doubt behind the JCC hoax bomb threats.

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One Victory At A Time

Back in November, shortly after Donald Trump’s election, I wrote a very popular post in which I called upon the President-elect to deport every publicity-seeking illegal alien who was audacious enough to flaunt his lawbreaking habits. I even helpfully assembled a list of such illegal aliens based on press articles, where such aliens tended to give sob-story interviews in a misplaced attempt to garner sympathy.

While President Trump did not manage to deport everyone on my list during his first day in office — and while he has been disappointingly slow and equivocal as to what policies he will adopt with respect to Obama’s lawless DACA program —  I must give credit where it is due. After years of anarch0-tyranny, his administration is showing signs of cracking down on the proper object of Federal law enforcement: the brazen and the lawless.

Today’s Washington Post provides an excellent example: Daniela Vargas, 22, late of Jackson, Miss., and former participant in the DACA program (she allowed her DACA status to expire last November) spoke at a news conference on the steps of Jackson city hall after her father and brother — also illegal aliens — had been detained by the immigration authorities. Shortly after speaking at that news conference she was detained by the immigration authorities as an “unlawfully present Argentinian citizen.”


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Gas and Payroll Taxes

Raise one, lower the other

The Federal gasoline tax currently stands at 18.4 cents per gallon, and the diesel tax stands at 24.4 cents per gallon; these taxes have been set at this level since 1993 and collectively brought in $35 billion in fiscal year 2014.

Federal payroll taxes amount to 15.3% of wages for most workers (half of which is “paid” by the employer without worker visibility, and half of which shows up explicitly on a worker’s paystub), and brought in $1.02 trillion in fiscal year 2014.

So here’s a wacky idea for the incoming Trump administration: Triple the Federal fuel tax rates while knocking a percentage point off the payroll tax, specifically the part that shows up on paystubs. This would be approximately revenue neutral in the short term — about $70 billion more in gas taxes offsetting a $67 billion reduction in payroll taxes — with a lot of long-term upsides. At $2.15 per gallon, gas prices are lower than they’ve been in years, making this the least painful time to do it.  A few years ago, people would have killed to see gas prices as low as $2.50 per gallon. And of course, even after such a move, we’d still have the cheapest gas of any first-world country: Canada is a bit over $3 per gallon these days, and Great Britain is somewhere around $5.50 — all because of incredibly high taxes, of course.

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List of Publicity-Seeking Illegal Aliens Who Trump Should Deport Immediately Upon Taking Office

Most lawbreakers try to keep quiet about their crimes, at least in police society. But not all.

In recent years I have encountered a special breed of illegal immigrant — the brazen scofflaw who wears his lawbreaking as a badge of honor, and spits all over those Americans who pay their taxes, play by the rules and expect their neighbors to do the same. These people organize pressure groups, give on-the-record press interviews, and behave with an astonishing sense of entitlement. Which is astounding, really, because these people are breaking the law very seriously.

I have no sympathy for such open and notorious lawbreakers, and in a just world they’d be the first suffer the consequences of their illegal actions. President-elect Donald Trump should strive mightily to have each and every one of these people rounded up on his first day in office and, with great publicity and fanfare, immediately deported. We are a nation of laws, and that point has been ignored for too long. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Especially don’t give an on-the-record interview to the New York Times after having done the crime!

So I’ve got a little list: Below I am assembling a list of every illegal immigrant who has gone on the record to the press acknowledging his or her illegal alien status. These are the people who have to be put on a bus or a plane home as a top priority.

I will be updating this list from time to time and welcome submissions from my readers. Note, however, that I do not wish to invade the privacy of any person who has the decency to mind his own business, no matter his immigration status. So I will not publish the details of any person who has not already gone on the record. Nor will I publish information concerning children, even when it appears in the press — for they know not what they do. Don’t turn in your neighbor’s landscaping guy (at least not to me) and send links to your sources.

P.S. I will not be adding self-volunteered names to this list (a few have been cropping up in the comments section). I am not a newspaper reporter and I have not met or interviewed any such posters, nor verified any names or personal details in a way a reporter world.

But nice try, guys, for some cheap “courage” points. Of course, if you had any real courage you’d do the honorable thing: Move back to your country of citizenship, apply for admission to the U.S. in the legal way, and wait your turn. Which you won’t do, of course.

Personal confession: I was once invited, in an official letter sent to me by the local immigration authorities, to leave a foreign country where I had been living. This was due to an inadvertent visa snafu. I was very cross with my employer’s HR department for failing to file the appropriate papers at the appropriate time, but that didn’t change anything: I had to leave. Accordingly, I departed that country within the specified time limit — leaving my wife behind — and returned to the U.S. Once there, I filed papers for a new visa. I then waited my turn, got the new visa, and finally returned to my adopted home.

It’s called playing by the rules, guys. Try it sometime.

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America Votes For Brexit

That’s what electing Donald Trump amounts to, after all.




There have been reports of mass weeping at Hillary HQ in response to the Trump victory. To which I say: If you can’t stand defeat, don’t run the race. Viewing the photo below, I now think I finally understand the concept of schadenfreude.

Weeping at Hillary HQ: Do these people really have the strength of character required to guide a major world power?