Obamacare Fail Update

Frequent readers here might notice a conspicuous lack of coverage of the Obamacare repeal votes that have been taking place recently on Capitol Hill. Frankly, I find them uninteresting. The real story is, and long has been, that Obamacare is falling over on its own. President Trump and congressional Republicans would frankly be better served by waiting a season to let this failure play out further before acting. At that point, not only would they have the support of longstanding Obamacare critics and small government types, but they’ll also probably pick up the support of some rural or moderately conservative-minded folks who were personally benefiting from Obamacare. That is, folks who were not keen on giving up something of value, but come to see the need for reform as the market spirals out of control.

I pause now simply to mark another milestone on this Obamacare road to self-destruction: Aetna has just pulled out of the Obamacare market in two additional states, citing losses and poor market conditions.

And so it goes.


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