Freedom of Buggery

The Governess of Alabama, Kay Ivey, signed a bill Wednesday protecting the rights of private, faith-based adoption agencies to turn away gay couples. She did so after the bill passed by overwhelming margins in the houses of the state legislature.

Naturally, the goodthinking left-leaning press is very displeased with this result, blathering on about the evils of state-sanctioned discrimination and all that.

But it’s funny, when you think about it, how the left’s message of “tolerance” has evolved from something like:

We should make room in our civil society for those with unconventional beliefs or practices to live their lives in peace. The government should not punish or interfere with the preferences of gay people and those advocating the homosexual lifestyle.

Into something like:

Resistance is futile! No dissent will be tolerated! The government MUST punish and interfere with the preferences of straight people and those advocating the Christian lifestyle.

Of course, freedom of religion was written into this nation’s founding documents, while freedom of buggery was not… but that is of little consequence to the Lawless Left!

I’ll admit to the following, though: In prior years, when I genuinely thought the “liberal” left stood for the former message, I was openly sympathetic and supportive. It stemmed from a slight libertarian streak I had when I was younger: We don’t need the government to tell us how to be good and virtuous, or to enforce a detailed code of private morality; each man can do that on his own, or within the framework of a social or religious community of his choosing. I adhered to a reasonably strict and old-fashioned code of morality (and still do), and I am content to do so on my own or with like-minded people who joined together voluntarily for the purpose, without interference by a public authority.

But as time passed I figured two things out:  First, that the former message was not, in fact, that the political left was all about. And second, as a larger American culture and society, we really do need a stronger sense of publicly enforced morality if our national wellbeing and strength are to be maintained. From blue-haired feminists — and the rest of legacy American women — reproducing at sub-replacement fertility rates, to unemployed blue-collar men in the heartland dying from ennui and opium overdoses, the cultural fabric of our nation is frayed, and the long-term trends point in some disturbing directions. So I find myself in hearty support of the recently-passed Alabama bill, and express some hope that President Trump’s “religious freedom” executive orders will broadly support the same ends.


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