Leaded Law Holds True in Cincinnati!

Several weeks ago, I took note of a shooting at the Cameo nightclub in Cincinnati, an event which promised to provide another perfect test of my so-called “Leaded Law.” That is, my rule of thumb which states that, in a mass shooting event, the killed-to-wounded ratio reliably provides predicts the demographic characteristics of the shooter(s) — basically, deadlier means whiter. With a ratio of 1 killed to 14 wounded, and no other pertinent details released at the time, the Cameo shooting looked squarely like the work of one or more young black males — quite possibly gang members.

I promised to follow up, and so I have. And it sure looks like reality has a predictably Racist tilt, because these are the folks who were arrested in connection with this crime:

Deondre Davis and Cornell Beckley: the suspects arrested in connection with the Cameo nightclub shooting in Cincinnati

For good measure, the local papers report that the shooting was in fact a gun battle involving at least these two suspects. Mr. Davis has prior criminal convictions for heroin trafficking and Mr. Beckley has prior criminal convictions for gun violence. The majority of the shooting victims were said to have not been involved in the dispute which led to the firefight.


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