Obama Disease: A Call To Action

As we all know, there has recently been a suicide bombing at an arena in Manchester at the end of a concert attended mostly by little girls, allegedly perpetrated by an “Irishman” named Salman Ramadan Abedi, a British-born individual of Libyan extraction.

I pause for my usual formula: May God have mercy on the souls of the dead, and bring healing to the injured and comfort to the bereaved.

The press coverage and commentary which followed contains, in many cases, the usual signs and symptoms of what I have taken to calling Obama Disease: a crippling neurological impairment that renders the speaker unable to say or write expressions like “radical Islamic terrorism,” “Muslim terrorist,” or any similar related phrase.

Accordingly, I hereby call upon the CDC, NIH and our other public health authorities immediately to undertake a costly program of federal research into the causes of, and treatments for, this horrible disease. Lives depend on it!


Obamacare Fail Update

Frequent readers here might notice a conspicuous lack of coverage of the Obamacare repeal votes that have been taking place recently on Capitol Hill. Frankly, I find them uninteresting. The real story is, and long has been, that Obamacare is falling over on its own. President Trump and congressional Republicans would frankly be better served by waiting a season to let this failure play out further before acting. At that point, not only would they have the support of longstanding Obamacare critics and small government types, but they’ll also probably pick up the support of some rural or moderately conservative-minded folks who were personally benefiting from Obamacare. That is, folks who were not keen on giving up something of value, but come to see the need for reform as the market spirals out of control.

I pause now simply to mark another milestone on this Obamacare road to self-destruction: Aetna has just pulled out of the Obamacare market in two additional states, citing losses and poor market conditions.

And so it goes.

We Could’ve Had a Two-fer

NBC reported yesterday that Minnesota health officials have requested an additional $5 million appropriation to deal with an “extraordinarily expensive” measles outbreak among the state’s Somali population, a group which has largely refused measles vaccinations for their children in recent years.

Why the great frozen Upper Midwest, colonized in the 19th century mainly by pioneers of German and Viking stock, is now home to a substantial population of refugees and transplants from the semi-tropical Horn of Africa is in some fundamental sense mysterious. Yes, yes, I know the State Department has run refugee resettlement rackets from time to time in the past, and that do-gooder Lutheran organizations with their roots in the Upper Midwest have participated heavily in these schemes. But taking a step back and viewing the picture from a Martian visitor’s perspective it just seems unbearably odd. Minnesota has gone from 94.4% non-Hispanic white in 1990 to 81.0% non-Hispanic white in 2015, and there hasn’t even been an intervening war, invasion or cataclysm to account for this sudden and massive population shift. Even the very climate seems ideally suited to people with an ancestry within spitting distance of the Polar Circle, while tortuously harsh to those whose roots are in warmer climes. Yet here were are.  The locals just let it happen.

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Freedom of Buggery

The Governess of Alabama, Kay Ivey, signed a bill Wednesday protecting the rights of private, faith-based adoption agencies to turn away gay couples. She did so after the bill passed by overwhelming margins in the houses of the state legislature.

Naturally, the goodthinking left-leaning press is very displeased with this result, blathering on about the evils of state-sanctioned discrimination and all that.

But it’s funny, when you think about it, how the left’s message of “tolerance” has evolved from something like:

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Leaded Law Holds True in Cincinnati!

Several weeks ago, I took note of a shooting at the Cameo nightclub in Cincinnati, an event which promised to provide another perfect test of my so-called “Leaded Law.” That is, my rule of thumb which states that, in a mass shooting event, the killed-to-wounded ratio reliably provides predicts the demographic characteristics of the shooter(s) — basically, deadlier means whiter. With a ratio of 1 killed to 14 wounded, and no other pertinent details released at the time, the Cameo shooting looked squarely like the work of one or more young black males — quite possibly gang members.

I promised to follow up, and so I have. And it sure looks like reality has a predictably Racist tilt, because these are the folks who were arrested in connection with this crime:

Deondre Davis and Cornell Beckley: the suspects arrested in connection with the Cameo nightclub shooting in Cincinnati

For good measure, the local papers report that the shooting was in fact a gun battle involving at least these two suspects. Mr. Davis has prior criminal convictions for heroin trafficking and Mr. Beckley has prior criminal convictions for gun violence. The majority of the shooting victims were said to have not been involved in the dispute which led to the firefight.