The Usual Double Standards

Some early, hopeful rays of light have shone through since the inauguration of President Trump, piercing the cloud of darkness left by his predecessor in office. The Washington Post reports on another today, stating that the weekly number of U.S. government deportation flights landing in Mexico City has gone up 50% since the current President took office — from two to three. The most recent flight carried 135 people. At that rate, and if that was the only deportation channel, it would only take around 480 years (as opposed to 720) to fly all our illegal aliens to Mexico City. Baby steps, but in the right direction.

But what really struck me, when reading that report, was the dullness that the WaPo’s left-wing politically correct agenda imposes upon the intellects of their writers and editors. It requires a lot of willful blindness to carry out their (un)holy mission of trying to guilt legacy-Americans into thinking that basic law enforcement is bad. Two whoppers stood out.


More returnees means lower wages for everybody in blue-collar industries such as construction and automobile manufacturing, where competition for jobs is likely to increase, economists say.

That is an amazing 180-degree turnaround, if you recall the conventional wisdom on this subject: When a bunch of low-skilled Mexican migrant workers move (illegally!) to the United States, it has absolutely no negative impact on our jobs, on our wages or on our economic prospects. None whatsoever, as even Forbes magazine has taken pains to point out in this didactically titled article: “Illegal Immigrants Don’t Lower Our Wages or Take Our Jobs.” But all of a sudden, when the exact same people move back to Mexico, we learn that these migrant flows actually do have a material adverse effect on the receiving country. Economics says so in both instances! Got that people?

Those goodthinkers in the press really need to get their story straight.


Anderson also noted the resistance here [in Mexico] to doing too much to accommodate a population of returning compatriots who rub many the wrong way with their English and their more aggressive American manner.

“It really interrupts the economic and social norms of Mexico,” she said. “They speak English, and they’re asking for access to higher education and to employment in ways that their parents were not able to.”

Let me get this straight: We’re supposed to feel bad that Mexicans returning to Mexico might “rub their compatriots the wrong way” and cause interruption to the “economic and social norms of Mexico.” That is, these returning Mexican migrants will have negative cultural effects in Mexico. And we’re supposed to care.

But think of the reverse for just one minute: Were Americans allowed to complain about the cultural effects that these same Mexicans had when they migrated (illegally!) to the United States? Obviously not! As Slate pointed out back in 2015, that would be Racist! So to sum up: Mexicans are allowed to complain of cultural dislocation when other Mexicans move back to Mexico, in accordance with the law, but native-born Americans are not allowed to complain about cultural dislocation when the same migrant Mexicans move to the United States illegally.

How to square these obvious contradictions?

Remember the axiom: You can’t be Racist against White people. Corollary: The economic and cultural anxieties of White people are not legitimate objects of concern. By contrast, it IS possible to be Racist against Brown people, so their economic and cultural anxieties are legitimate objects of concern. This is true whether or not these anxieties are, objectively speaking, stupid.

By this left-wing race-war logic, the Washington Post is entirely self-consistent. The more one pays attention, the more one realizes that this is the logic that underpins all the pronouncements of the left-wing politically correct crowd. Treating every man according to the content of his character, and not the color of his skin, is an entirely outmoded and alien proposition to them.



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