And The Hunt Continues For The Great White Defendant

Narrative collapses… time to move on.


Over the past month, numerous Jewish Community Centers (“JCCs”) across America received hoax bomb threats. These frequently triggered building evacuations, police responses, security sweeps and a whole lot of general consternation. A number of Hebrew graves in St. Louis were also vandalized at the time, which was viewed as somehow probably linked to the bomb threats.

Our hysterical friends in the mainstream press, who still fixate daily on Adolf Hitler, lost no time rushing to insinuate that these anti-Jewish incidents were the fault of some very-bad no-good right-wing Trump-supporting cisgendered heteropatriarchical White Men, and that our sitting President bore responsibility for unleashing these menaces on an unsuspecting population. For instance, the Washington Post wrote, on February 21:

The remarks by Trump [denouncing the JCC bomb threats] also appear aimed at easing pressure on his administration, which faces claims from opponents that it has failed to distance itself from extremist ideology and has emboldened right-wing groups through its populist, America-first themes.

Got that? According to conventional wisdom, the chain of causation is:

Election of Trump –> fails to distance himself from “extremist ideology” (note the use of the same phrase typically reserved for guys like Jihadi John)¬†–> Emboldened right-wing groups –> White guys intimidating Jews.

You know the guys that the Washington Post has in mind. They’re thinking of the guys in this photo, when they get a little too boozed up:

Emboldened right-wing Trump supporters who were no doubt behind the JCC hoax bomb threats.

Except this is a load of hogwash. Today, the police caught the guy who was allegedly behind much of the vandalism and many of the bomb threats:

Juan Thompson, disgraced former journalist and the guy actually arrested for the JCC bomb threat hoaxes

Yes — that’s Juan Thompson, the disgraced former journalist who was fired from The Intercept last year for peddling left-wing fake news.

So the narrative collapses yet again. Turns out that the bad guy was a Black, liberal, misogynistic, rape-culture anti-Semitic Racist, not some pickup-truck driving White male Trump supporter.

Wait, you missed the part about this guy being a misogynist fan of rape culture and a Racist? Check out this tweet, in which he tried to double-reverse pin his crimes on an ex-girlfriend in an attempt to frame her or possibly get her “swatted:”

Juan Thompson’s love letter.

I’m not expecting any forthright¬†mea culpas from the Blame Trump crowd. Instead, now that the truth has come out, we can expect the forces of “nothing to see here folks” to rise to the occasion and swiftly shift our attention to something more… hey, did you see that gaffe at the Oscars the other night?

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