One Victory At A Time

Back in November, shortly after Donald Trump’s election, I wrote a very popular post in which I called upon the President-elect to deport every publicity-seeking illegal alien who was audacious enough to flaunt his lawbreaking habits. I even helpfully assembled a list of such illegal aliens based on press articles, where such aliens tended to give sob-story interviews in a misplaced attempt to garner sympathy.

While President Trump did not manage to deport everyone on my list during his first day in office — and while he has been disappointingly slow and equivocal as to what policies he will adopt with respect to Obama’s lawless DACA program —  I must give credit where it is due. After years of anarch0-tyranny, his administration is showing signs of cracking down on the proper object of Federal law enforcement: the brazen and the lawless.

Today’s Washington Post provides an excellent example: Daniela Vargas, 22, late of Jackson, Miss., and former participant in the DACA program (she allowed her DACA status to expire last November) spoke at a news conference on the steps of Jackson city hall after her father and brother — also illegal aliens — had been detained by the immigration authorities. Shortly after speaking at that news conference she was detained by the immigration authorities as an “unlawfully present Argentinian citizen.”


Not only was she in our country illegally — and she knew it — she even let her phony-baloney second-chances “get out of jail free” card lapse. And not only that, she had the stupidity and brazen audacity to speak publicly at a press conference… in an attempt to guilt law-abiding Americans into releasing her lawbreaking father and brother who have no right to be in this country and by all accounts don’t even have DACA status! It’s just lawlessness all the way down!

All that, and she’s a fairly unpleasant-looking piece of work, to boot:

Daniela Vargas: mean-looking illegal alien

Far from being released on her own recognizance, as her lawyers are requesting, she should be held in a remote lockup facility and put up for a deportation hearing at once. When she inevitably loses, she needs to be sent back to Argentina post-haste.

I thank the Trump administration for enforcing the law, respecting the law, and making it clear that everyone present in this country must obey and respect the law as well. This return to simple common sense was long overdue. My respect for the new President grows each day.


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