Irish Drunk Driving Incident in Ohio

Frontlash ensues.


Yesterday, an “Irishman” by the name of Abdul Razak Ali Artan (who, quite the world traveler, was also a Somali refugee) deliberately rammed his car into several pedestrians at Ohio State University in Columbus. He then got out of his car and started stabbing people; a total of eleven victims were injured in this attack but none were killed. A police officer quickly intervened and shot the marauding Irishman to death, ending the attack.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan, suspect in the recent ramming and stabbing attack at Ohio State University in Columbus.

I pause now to pray that God should bring healing to the wounded.

As a far wiser man than I once observed, the standard leftist reaction to this sort of event is “frontlash.” What is frontlash? It is a pre-emptive bout of highly-public virtue-signalling and hand-wringing to lament the hypothetical backlash that Evil White Racists are expected to engage in when reacting to the latest outrage committed by a sacred Person of Color. Whether those Evil White Racists ever get around to actually committing any violent acts of backlash (or whether the expectation of violence is actually some kind of psychological projection on the part of the frontlashers) is largely besides the point. You see, actual reflection over the unusually high incidence of violent terrorist ramming, stabbing and shooting attacks perpetrated by “Irishmen” and Somali refugees — and any contemplation of what might be done about it — is of course an impermissible Thought Crime. After all, dwelling on the point too long might lead one to commit the unpardonable sin of voting for Donald Trump. Obviously, this must be avoided at all costs!

In the wake of this OSU attack the media organs of the Left have not disappointed. NPR just ran a chestnut of a “frontlash” story titled “Muslim Community Fears Backlash After Ohio State Attack.” In this story, NPR highlights the dangers now faced by other “Irish”-Somali students at OSU, dangers wrought by Evil White Midwestern Racists reacting to this latest attack. What horrible things are these white, cis-gendered oppressive members of the patriarchy doing to these poor, sweet, innocent Irish lambs? According to NPR, the mistreatment consists of “snide comments, peering eyes and a feeling of uneasiness.”

To truly understand the depths of these dangers, the NPR reporter went on to interview a Somali student on campus by the name of Mohamed Farah. Mr. Farah complains, in the wake of the attack committed by his fellow-countryman, that “tomorrow will be a day of trepidation” for him. To explain the source of his trepidation, Mr. Farah highlights certain negative tweets that other OSU students made in the wake of the attack, including a statement that the late Mr. Artan “bit the hand that fed him.”

Snide comments! Peering eyes! Feelings of uneasiness! Negative tweets!?! Oh, the humanity!  Will horrors never cease?

According to Mr. Farah, these dangers faced by Somali students at OSU are so bad that the situation now “shakes the core of you.” At least, it shakes the core of you if you’re a blushing wallflower of a Somali student who enjoys giving NPR interviews. I haven’t known many real men who get particularly worked up over “snide comments” and “peering eyes.”

Seriously, NPR, this is the best you can do? This is the worst of the backlash that you have to frontlash against so zealously?  Nearly a dozen innocent OSU students are rammed with a car and stabbed with a butcher’s knife by a Somali refugee — barely six weeks after ten innocent shoppers were stabbed by another Somali refugee in a mall in St. Cloud, MN — and your biggest concern is snide comments? A negative tweet saying that the deceased attacker “bit the hand that fed him?” That’s where you’ve decided to focus your reporting, and not on the suffering of the actual victims of the attack or the fear and trepidation that the non-Somali portion of the student body must now be feeling? It’s nearly a self-parody ripped from the pages of The Onion!

On reflection, though, this all makes sense: Those people feeling worry or trepidation over when the next ramming / stabbing / shooting / bombing will take place are nothing less than Racists and Islamophobes and they are therefore Deplorables. Their safety and comfort is of no concern to a liberal GoodWhite. Avoiding a single tear on the cheek of Mohamed Farah… now THAT is worth shedding a thousand gallons of Deplorable lifeblood. A man must keep his priorities straight!

UPDATE: There is an obvious international terrorism link hiding in plain sight. When cleaning up some of the typesetting and wording this morning, I looked more closely at the photo of Mr. Artan posted above. It circulated widely on internet news outlets before I posted it, and it was apparently originally taken from Mr. Artan’s Facebook page. The photographer or editor did a slick job with the cropping, so I missed this point the first time, but if one looks closely at the lower left hand part of the frame one can distinctly see Mr. Artan giving the raised-index-finger salute of ISIS. Furthermore, the summery and verdant backdrop of this photo indicates that it was not taken recently, as it has been months since Columbus enjoyed such luxurious foliage and t-shirt weather. One must conclude that Mr. Artan did not suddenly self-radicalize in the cold, dark weeks of late fall; rather, he’d been broadcasting his ISIS sympathies in plain sight for months! This makes the case loud and clear for shutting down these refugee resettlement rackets and imposing “extreme vetting” on the few visitors we might choose to admit from violent regions. But don’t expect NPR to notice anything useful like that!

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