The Irish Are Up To Their Old Tricks Again — France Edition

Back in October, I pointed out that the sacred Muslim months of truce were due to come to an end in November.

And, like clockwork, the French authorities have just arrested six “Irishmen” for plotting a terrorist attack in that country. The French got lucky this time; but even the authorities there acknowledge that “it is not possible to ensure zero risk despite everything we are doing,” apparently in an attempt to brace the public for the some future attempt which the police don’t manage to thwart.

This “premise of inevitability” doesn’t bear too close examination in polite society. While it is impossible for the authorities to eliminate all risks in life, it is innumerate — but fashionable — to ignore the relative magnitudes of the various risks facing the public, while pretending there is nothing that can be done (short of imposing police-state surveillance) to mitigate any of them.

This is an epic, civilizational-suicide level of willful stupidity.

To spell things in perfectly clear terms: “Irishmen” pose a disproportionate risk of violence to the European nations which host large populations of them. But even to notice this fact is an actionable violation of human rights. And to have the temerity to propose that the citizens of such European nations actually do anything about it — for instance, to say out loud that you desire the presence of fewer “Irishmen” in such nations — is nothing short of a hate crime for which you can be fined and sent to prison.

Even to notice that you are being invaded by a violent, alien race is, apparently, morally wrong. To express your displeasure with this turn of events, merely in words, is wholly criminal. What’s the underlying message? Bend over and take it, Whitey!

But finally to wake up and do the first thing about it…

To do that is to elect Donald Trump.

Godspeed, Mr. President-elect. May the Europeans eventually come to see the wisdom of your ways, before it is too late for them.


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