Get Out And Vote

For Donald Trump, obviously


Today is Election Day. The choice facing the nation in the presidential race is stark: On the left, you have a corrupt, bought-and-paid-for Lady Macbeth who spent years openly helping to run a pay-to-play boondoggle while occupying some of the highest positions of trust and authority in the land. She promises to do little more than pander to her paymasters and fringe constituencies, continue the misguided and divisive policies of the current president, and insult the people and weaken the very fabric of our nation. On the right, you have a cartoonishly garish blowhard who, in the autumn of his years, stumbled into his most unlikely final role as the last champion of the average working American. He promises to enforce the laws on our books, look out for the interest of the common man, and stand up to the special interests that would hold sway over a more conventionally ambitious career politician.

The nation is groaning under the weight of: eight years of “racial healing” brought to us by the current president; decades of unchecked immigration by increasingly exotic peoples who have little appetite for assimilation; misguided free-trade agreements which have sold our patrimony to backwards lands for a mess of cheap, plastic imported goods; ever-increasing censorship of politically incorrect public opinion in respectable establishment channels; the accelerating promotion of corrosive fringe social theories (from universal gay marriage to transsexuals in the military special forces in record time!); and a feeling of general economic malaise. There is something deeply wrong in these United States.

We can elect Hillary Clinton, and continue the process of grinding the United States ever more finely into dust. Or we can elect Donald Trump and take our last best shot at reviving a government of the people, by the people and — not the least — for the people, before it perishes from this earth.


N.B.: For the other races, my simple analysis is this: As much as you’d like to punish any “cuckservative” Republicans down-ticket, don’t do it. If Trump wins, they’ll either play ball or be vulnerable come the 2018 midterm primaries — that’s the time to punish them. If Hillary wins, they’ll probably hate her enough to continue investigations and oppose her nominees, which is a damn sight better than having some Trans-Latinx-Whatever Congresscretin roll out the red carpet for all her destructive initiatives. This election has finally shaken the American people awake — the direction of the country has already changed no matter the result — and resisting the decay until the swamp can finally be drained is still the right move.

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