Irish Drunk Driving Incident in Ohio

Frontlash ensues.


Yesterday, an “Irishman” by the name of Abdul Razak Ali Artan (who, quite the world traveler, was also a Somali refugee) deliberately rammed his car into several pedestrians at Ohio State University in Columbus. He then got out of his car and started stabbing people; a total of eleven victims were injured in this attack but none were killed. A police officer quickly intervened and shot the marauding Irishman to death, ending the attack.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan, suspect in the recent ramming and stabbing attack at Ohio State University in Columbus.

I pause now to pray that God should bring healing to the wounded.

As a far wiser man than I once observed, the standard leftist reaction to this sort of event is “frontlash.” What is frontlash? It is a pre-emptive bout of highly-public virtue-signalling and hand-wringing to lament the hypothetical backlash that Evil White Racists are expected to engage in when reacting to the latest outrage committed by a sacred Person of Color. Whether those Evil White Racists ever get around to actually committing any violent acts of backlash (or whether the expectation of violence is actually some kind of psychological projection on the part of the frontlashers) is largely besides the point. You see, actual reflection over the unusually high incidence of violent terrorist ramming, stabbing and shooting attacks perpetrated by “Irishmen” and Somali refugees — and any contemplation of what might be done about it — is of course an impermissible Thought Crime. After all, dwelling on the point too long might lead one to commit the unpardonable sin of voting for Donald Trump. Obviously, this must be avoided at all costs!

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Bad Habits — St. Louis Edition

Real Estate Porn… Or Is It A Snuff Film?

First, to my American readers: Happy Thanksgiving. It is my hope that each of you has a good time with family and friends over the holiday. Try to avoid being killed or injured on Black Friday — I recommend staying away from shopping malls over the entire fall/winter season.

I hit a slow patch at work recently, so I let my well-known bad online habits run wild for an afternoon. Last time I did that, I dwelt upon the murder, mayhem and real estate situation in Baltimore. This time I chose St. Louis, mainly because my brother lived there for a long time and — speaking of spending time with family — I have very fond memories of visiting him in that city. It is truly a lovely place.

And I have a bonus: Last time, when discussing Baltimore and the patterns I uncovered in that city, I said that “untangling the arrows of causation will have to await another post.” Well, I’ve finally figured it out: My working hypothesis, which will be tested as we explore St. Louis, is that some areas are mysteriously afflicted with Tragic Dirt. That is, certain neighborhoods are cursed with some evil feature of the geology or soil or local flora or fauna which compels the local inhabitants to kill each other with alarming frequency and suffer from below-average educational and health outcomes, even while luckier residents of similar, adjacent neighborhoods avoid such a fate by being blessed with Magic Dirt. Unfortunately, there is no known scientific test which allows one to detect Tragic Dirt directly, so you have to infer its presence entirely from its deleterious social effects.

So, without further ado, I start with my usual snuff-film antics: I found a homicide map maintained by the local newspaper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and pinpointed which neighborhoods in the St. Louis metro area showed symptoms of Tragic Dirt. Here’s what I found:

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The Irish Are Up To Their Old Tricks Again — France Edition

Back in October, I pointed out that the sacred Muslim months of truce were due to come to an end in November.

And, like clockwork, the French authorities have just arrested six “Irishmen” for plotting a terrorist attack in that country. The French got lucky this time; but even the authorities there acknowledge that “it is not possible to ensure zero risk despite everything we are doing,” apparently in an attempt to brace the public for the some future attempt which the police don’t manage to thwart.

This “premise of inevitability” doesn’t bear too close examination in polite society. While it is impossible for the authorities to eliminate all risks in life, it is innumerate — but fashionable — to ignore the relative magnitudes of the various risks facing the public, while pretending there is nothing that can be done (short of imposing police-state surveillance) to mitigate any of them.

This is an epic, civilizational-suicide level of willful stupidity.

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Gas and Payroll Taxes

Raise one, lower the other

The Federal gasoline tax currently stands at 18.4 cents per gallon, and the diesel tax stands at 24.4 cents per gallon; these taxes have been set at this level since 1993 and collectively brought in $35 billion in fiscal year 2014.

Federal payroll taxes amount to 15.3% of wages for most workers (half of which is “paid” by the employer without worker visibility, and half of which shows up explicitly on a worker’s paystub), and brought in $1.02 trillion in fiscal year 2014.

So here’s a wacky idea for the incoming Trump administration: Triple the Federal fuel tax rates while knocking a percentage point off the payroll tax, specifically the part that shows up on paystubs. This would be approximately revenue neutral in the short term — about $70 billion more in gas taxes offsetting a $67 billion reduction in payroll taxes — with a lot of long-term upsides. At $2.15 per gallon, gas prices are lower than they’ve been in years, making this the least painful time to do it.  A few years ago, people would have killed to see gas prices as low as $2.50 per gallon. And of course, even after such a move, we’d still have the cheapest gas of any first-world country: Canada is a bit over $3 per gallon these days, and Great Britain is somewhere around $5.50 — all because of incredibly high taxes, of course.

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List of Publicity-Seeking Government Officials Who Should Be Punished For Aiding and Abetting Illegal Immigrants

Following on the success of my recent post concerning publicity-seeking illegal aliens who have gone on-the-record with their illegal status and who should be deported immediately upon Trump’s taking office, I am assembling here a list of public officials who have publicly announced that they aid and abet, and will continue to aid and abet, illegal immigrants. This is usually in the context of local officials establishing or reaffirming “sanctuary city” policies, even in the face of President-elect Trump’s announcement that he would seek to cut Federal aid to cities which do not give up these policies.

The position of these public officials is insupportable, and they ought to be appropriately punished by their constituents as well as the higher authorities. Public officials, even more than ordinary citizens, are charged with obeying and enforcing the law. Flouting it instead is an unforgivably deep abrogation of their responsibilities. Yet they try to excuse themselves, and to the unsophisticated public the argument in favor of these policies is often framed as one of public safety. The rationale is that it is difficult for local officials to fight crime and administer basic services efficiently if large groups of people are deeply afraid of any interaction with the government on the grounds that their illegal immigration status might be exposed and deportation proceedings brought against them.

This argument is baloney. Sanctuary city policies go well beyond the sort of Arizona SB1070 behavior that would make this concern remotely plausible. With the exception of Arizona’s attempt, virtually no state or local authority has even supposed that they should inquire into the immigration status of general members of the public at every interaction. Rather, sanctuary city policies involve local authorities refraining from checking status, or taking other immigration-related action, even in far narrower circumstances when when the costs of doing so are very low and the upside likely very high. Officials in sanctuary cities won’t check the status of accused criminals even after they are arrested. They won’t check the status of convicted criminals after they are sent to local lockups to serve their time. They won’t cooperate with Federal immigration officials on “immigration detainers” —  requests that local authorities  notify the Federal immigration authorities when a particular immigrant convict is scheduled for release from jail, so that the convict can be picked up at the jailhouse door by the Feds and taken away for deportation proceedings.

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Haven Monahan Strikes Again!

He jets off to Merrie Olde England!

Back in September, a 14 year old girl in Oxford, England, told the police that she had been abducted by two men in a silver car and then raped in a wooded area. Unsurprisingly to followers of the current zeitgeist, the description she gave of her assailants led to the following police sketches being released:

Haven Monahan and Other Haven Monahan, suspects in an alleged September 2016 kidnapping and rape of a 14 year old girl in Oxford, England.

Following this report, the local police investigated the case diligently, reviewing surveillance footage and dash-cam recordings, forensically examining wooded areas, and interviewing witnesses.

To what result?

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