Squealing Like A Stuck Pig

New Logo for the Dems


I try to avoid comment on the day-to-day developments of the current presidential campaign, as it is largely beyond my abilities or appetite to comment obsessively on every cut and thrust of this season’s most remarkable race.

But I will make an observation here which I think touches upon something timeless in human nature: The Democrats are wearing their guilty consciences on their sleeves. Their massive overreaction to FBI Director James Comey’s letter to Congress on Friday stating that he was re-opening the Hillary Clinton private email server matter says far more than the speakers perhaps intend. Ignore the rationalizations they desperately dug up — those are mere distractions — and focus instead on the tone and subtext: They know she’s corrupt and guilty as sin, and the merest unscripted public confirmation of this has sent them ballistic; if this didn’t cut so close to the quick, they wouldn’t have reacted so strongly. They’re squealing like a stuck pig, and the spectacle of it is sure to be noticed by anyone paying any attention. It’s quite remarkable that their media consultants and psychologists haven’t managed to catch this and tone it down.

Compare and contrast: When the Republicans felt disappointed in Comey’s decision on this matter in July, they haled him in to address Congress, gave him a dressing down, and said his decisions was incomprehensible. They were upset, suspecting him of falling afoul of undue political influence brought to bear by Attorney General Lynch, former President Bill Clinton, and whomever else the Republicans could think of to blame. They had hoped that this scandal would have done more at the time to discredit Hillary Clinton, but in the end they understand how politics works. They tried to make what hay they could in the summer through their public statements and political theater, and then moved on, leaving Comey only temporarily inconvenienced.

But now, when Comey disappoints the Democrats in October, they smear him as a criminal in the national press and suggest he should be put on trial for violating the Hatch Act! The message is clear: Send the director of the FBI to prison! All for sending a private letter to certain members of Congress telling them of new evidence that had come into the FBI’s possession, only a few weeks prior, which lead him to revisit with due deliberation a conclusion he had made public previously — a matter of more concern to members of Congress than most things which come before the FBI.

Had the Democrats enjoyed the benefit of clean consciences, their public statements would have been far different. They would read something like: “We are extremely disappointed in Mr. Comey’s incomprehensible decision to reverse course and second-guess himself and reopen his investigation so late in the day, and we are concerned that undue influence may have been brought to bear by certain members of Congress to bring about this unnatural development. Hillary Clinton has already been exonerated in this email matter and we are confident that this decision will stand, as she has done nothing culpable. We call upon Mr. Comey to clear the air as quickly as possible in light of the historic election that is rapidly approaching. Mrs. Clinton is obviously the far superior candidate when compared with the nearly-unhinged Donald Trump, and we call upon all Americans to ignore scurrilous rumors and choose calm, seasoned experience when they go to the polls on November 8.”

While Hillary’s campaign said something like this, the statements of her surrogate Harry Reid provide a window into the panic. No sane organization would threaten the director of the FBI with prison!

The fact that the Democrats have departed so radically from the obvious grown-up response when reacting to Comey’s Friday letter reveals with utter clarity their deep-seated guilt, paranoia and impulse to tyranny — anyone who crosses them must be guilty of a crime! And how is this a good life strategy? After the IRS, the FBI is probably the last organization you want to cross, and things don’t get much more vendetta-worthy than publicly threatening the boss of the organization!

The Democrats are deeply panicked, as well they should be. And it shows.

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