NPR Makes The Case For Segregated Schools

Not that they’d frame it that way, of course.


NPR today reported on yet another “implicit bias” study out of Yale, this time involving pre-school teachers. Terrible people, preschool teachers; they are clearly the next big threat to black America.

The message NPR stressed, of course, was that nice white lady teachers specializing in early childhood education are, in fact, deep-down closet Racists of nearly Donald-Trumpian proportions. Researchers “proved” this with a study based on a ruse: Asking teachers to watch videos containing four students (black/white, boy/girl), with instructions to push a button when they saw “challenging behavior” on screen. The researches weren’t interested in the button clicks, of course, given that they edited the videos to exclude all bad behavior, but they used eye-tracking cameras to see where the teachers would look in anticipation of bad behavior. No surprise: the black boy got a disproportionate share of the attention. The full breakdown was: 42% black boy, 34% white boy, 13% white girl, 10% black girl.

The fact that the average boy/girl difference (26.5 percentage points) is around five times larger than the average black-white difference (5.5 percentage points) made no impression, of course. Racism trumps sexism every time. And you can’t be sexist against males, just like you can’t be Racist against white people, so it’s not even logically possibly to question this emphasis on Racissmus uber alles.

Of course, the very premise of the “research” is faulty; the reporter makes no mention of the possibility that the teachers are acting rationally instead of being irrationally prejudiced. It’s just impossible, in his mind, to consider that the average incidence of misbehavior may higher in some groups than in others, so the teachers would right to be more vigilant with certain types of students.

Naaahhh… that outcome would be Racist, and therefore must be violation of the laws of physics. Pay no heed to the fact that, as adults, blacks commit homicide at 7 times the rate whites do, according to government reports. To even suppose that such a pattern of adult misbehavior could extend to children as well would be, um, impermissibly perceptive. Yet at the same time, nobody bats an eyelash at the assumption that boys are more rambunctious than girls. Because they are, dummy! Anybody can see that. But you’re not allowed to notice the same sort of pattern when the distinction is black and white.

But the latest instalment in the war on noticing is just the warm-up act. Later in the piece, NPR makes the strongest case I’ve yet seen for fully segregated schools — teachers as well as students. But blinded as they are by their liberal pieties, they don’t even realize it.

NPR reports that in a follow-up portion of the study involving written narratives of children misbehaving:

Some teachers were also given information about the disruptive child’s home life, to see if it made them more empathetic:

[CHILD] lives with his/her mother, his/her 8- and 6-year-old sisters, and his/her 10-month-old baby brother. His/her home life is turbulent, between having a father who has never been a constant figure in his/her life, and a mother who struggles with depression but doesn’t have the resources available to seek help. During the rare times when his/her parents are together, loud and sometimes violent disputes occur between them. In order to make ends meet, [CHILD’s] mother has taken on three different jobs, and is in a constant state of exhaustion. [CHILD] and his/her siblings are left in the care of available relatives and neighbors while their mother is at work.

Guess what happened.

Teachers who received this background did react more empathetically, lowering their rating of a behavior’s severity — but only if the teacher and student were of the same race.

Sympathy for people similar to you is a pretty basic human trait; but then, so is regarding as “male” a person born with a penis and an XY chromosome pair, regardless of the genital mutilations that might befall the hapless Mr. Jenner. Hillary Clinton and her hard-left allies are fighting the war against human nature on all fronts!

As for white teachers rating black students or black teachers rating white students?

“If the race of the teacher and the child were different and [the teacher] received this background information, severity rates skyrocketed,” Gilliam [the researcher] says. “And the teachers ended up feeling that the behavioral problems were hopeless and that very little could be done to actually improve the situation.”

Goddamned Racist Black Folks taking it out on poor innocent white children! Oops! I meant “People Who Think They Are White” and “Innocent Black Bodies,” respectively. Really! I’m terribly sorry! Oh so sorry for my horrible slip of the tongue!

This result is consistent with previous research on empathy, Gilliam says. “When people feel some kind of shared connection to folks, when they hear more about their misfortunes, they feel more empathic to them. But if they feel that they are different from each other … it may actually cause them to perceive that person in a more negative light.”

So there you have it: The case for fully segregated schools. Why would any rational black mother wish to send her 4 year old child to classroom with a white teacher, who will show the child no empathy? Why would any rational white mother do similar?

If we wish to avoid abusing our children, we can either fight a hopeless war against basic human nature — digging our trenches and battle lines through the soul of every preschool teacher in America — or we can confess our frailties and work around them.

Or, I guess, we can continue to abuse our children, delivering them up daily to unsympathetic harridans who will think only negative thoughts about them, and treat them accordingly.

But, in the grander scheme, what’s a human sacrifice or two… or a million… when our Moloch of Diversity must be placated?

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