NPR Makes The Case For Segregated Schools

Not that they’d frame it that way, of course.


NPR today reported on yet another “implicit bias” study out of Yale, this time involving pre-school teachers. Terrible people, preschool teachers; they are clearly the next big threat to black America.

The message NPR stressed, of course, was that nice white lady teachers specializing in early childhood education are, in fact, deep-down closet Racists of nearly Donald-Trumpian proportions. Researchers “proved” this with a study based on a ruse: Asking teachers to watch videos containing four students (black/white, boy/girl), with instructions to push a button when they saw “challenging behavior” on screen. The researches weren’t interested in the button clicks, of course, given that they edited the videos to exclude all bad behavior, but they used eye-tracking cameras to see where the teachers would look in anticipation of bad behavior. No surprise: the black boy got a disproportionate share of the attention. The full breakdown was: 42% black boy, 34% white boy, 13% white girl, 10% black girl.

The fact that the average boy/girl difference (26.5 percentage points) is around five times larger than the average black-white difference (5.5 percentage points) made no impression, of course. Racism trumps sexism every time. And you can’t be sexist against males, just like you can’t be Racist against white people, so it’s not even logically possibly to question this emphasis on Racissmus uber alles. Continue reading “NPR Makes The Case For Segregated Schools”

Poisoned Skittles

Deep down, we know Donald, Jr., was right

My take on the breaking Donald Trump Jr. ‘Syrian refugees as Skittles‘ crisis:




Aylan Kurdi — drowned on a raft headed from Turkey to Greece.

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St. Patrick’s Day Comes Early

Weekend of near-misses in the U.S.

By now we are all aware of the long weekend of lucky near-miss terrorist incidents that have struck the U.S. The proceedings started with a pipe bomb at a New Jersey fun-run, which was followed by a mass stabbing attack by some nameless perpetrator in St. Cloud Minnesota, then a dumpster bomb in Manhattan which injured dozens out on a Saturday night (but luckily killed nobody) and a companion bomb a few blocks from the first which failed to detonate, and concluded (seemingly) with a set of pipe bombs in a trash can in an Elizabeth, NJ, train station which apparently obliterated a bomb-disposal robot but hurt nobody else.

I pause, first, to express my sympathy for the victims of these attacks, and wish them all complete and speedy recoveries. The bystanders, too, who escaped immediate injury deserve their own measure of sympathy and support. Let me speak from experience: Many years ago I found myself in the vicinity of a Palestinian suicide bombing, while on a trip to the Holy Land, and the scenes of pandemonium in the immediate aftermath remain imprinted in my memory. Also firmly imprinted in my memory were the celebratory fireworks set off that night by the Arabs of East Jerusalem — but that is a discussion for another time.

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The Last White Nationalists

The answer might surprise you

I hope that you have had a restful and rejuvenating summer holiday; I certainly did. Sadly, the numbers out of Chicago are not entirely favorable for the residents of that violent burgh, so if you hail from there, I express my sympathies.

I have been fortunate to travel widely in my time. Somewhat recently I was at a synagogue in London during an ordinary weekly service, which was held on a Saturday morning in the usual Jewish manner, and was struck by one prayer in particular.

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