Here’s An Interesting Case — Update and Bonus Case

Leaded Law Strikes Again and Again!


A few days ago I came across an interesting test case for my recently-promulgated Leaded Law of Race and Marksmanship: A gunman shoots up a house party in a Seattle suburb, leaving three dead and one wounded, as well as some national headlines in his wake. The initial reports did not specify the race of the shooter, but based on the killed-to-wounded ratio I speculated that he was likely White or Asian.

As usual, I stand vindicated.  Below is a photo of the suspect at his initial court appearance:

Allen Christopher Ivanov (sm)
Suspect Allen Christopher Ivanov, seated left next to his attorney.


The weekend also brought an example of the other part of the Leaded Law: Overnight Saturday, in a chaotic scene in the bar and nightclub district in Austin, Texas, somebody opened fire in the crowd, killing one woman and wounding three other bystanders. We all know what a 1:3 killed to wounded ratio signifies, even when initial reports contain an erroneous description of the suspect as “a white or light-skinned Hispanic male in his 20s.”

A photo of the actual suspect is below.


McCray - Austin (sm)
Endicott McCray, suspect in the Austin shootings.

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