Germany in a Hole, To Keep Digging

Interior Minister Belongs to Piraha Tribe, Can’t Count Past Three


I have previously remarked upon the danger posed to Europe by a united Germany. But at the time I did not long dwell on the danger the united Germans also pose to themselves. The point is clear, though, when you think about it: Germany set Europe on fire twice in the 20th Century, but in each case the German people suffered nearly as much as anyone else involved, thanks to the pig-headedness of their leaders and the plodding obedience of their people. To fight Stalingrad and think that pressing on with total war was a good idea? By contrast, the Italians also elected a Fascist government and fought on the wrong side of World War II, but they were incapable of meaning it in the same way the Germans did, so capitulated to the Americans in a rather more perfunctory style and nobody seems to dwell upon it much anymore.

And so it is today: While Germany’s Million (Irish) Migrant Mob is causing hardship and instability around the European continent, the Germans are suffering alongside the rest of Europe, as recent developments show.

What strikes me the most about this, though, is the attitude of the German leadership in the face of the slowly dawning realization of their own folly. In the wake of an earlier “Irish” terrorist attack, the Most Dangerous Man in the World — Donald Trump — called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what’s going on.” Which was obviously a Racist and Islamophobic and terrible and evil thing to say. Standing in contrast is the official German response to the recent train attack delivered by their Interior Minister, Thomas de Maiziere: “You cannot say there is no connection between refugees and terrorism, but the danger was high before and remains high, regardless of questions about refugees.”

Apparently Mr. de Maiziere belongs to the Piraha people of the Amazon jungle; you know, the people who can only count up to “one, two, many” because their language lacks separate words for all numbers above “three.” How else can you explain his utter inability to appreciate a difference between degrees of “high” risk? Sure, Germany was at risk of Irish terror attacks before they invited in all those unvetted migrants. And sure, by all accounts, they’re at high risk now that they’ve taken in a vibrant dose of diversity. But is it impossible to conceive of different levels of “high” risk; to conclude that a lesser degree of “high” risk is better than a greater degree of “high” risk; to consider steps to nudge the situation towards the former state instead of the latter state?

Or maybe Mr. de Maiziere is so stupid that he thinks the obvious course of action when stuck in a hole of terrorism is to keep digging? Or so in thrall to the false god of anti-Racism that he’d rather sacrifice his well being and the well being of his countrymen than utter a word of heresy?

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