President Obama Hates the American People, Goes to Canada

President Obama went to Ottawa recently to meet with the leaders of Canada and Mexico. So far, so good; that’s part of his job description. Ordinarily I wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

But while there he took the opportunity to go on a self-described “rant” in front of the press, the substance of which was universally understood to be anti-Trump, and in the course of this rant said some pretty remarkable things.

What struck me the most was his assertion that “somebody who . . . engages in rhetoric about how we’re going to look after ourselves and take it to the other guy” must be a bad, bad man. Probably a Racist, or something.

What’s the message, Mr. President? That the American people should not care for their own interests? That we should let anyone and everyone walk all over us? That it is evil for an old White Republican male candidate to actually care about the American public, and talk to the nation about how “we’re going to look after ourselves?” Look after ourselves — the horror! So what’s the message, eh, Mr. President? ‘Shut up, Whitey scum; lie down and die painfully?” Is that it?

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The Irish Attack Istanbul Airport

By now we have all heard of the recent deadly terrorist attack  at Istanbul’s main international airport. May God have mercy on the souls of the dead, and bring healing to the injured and comfort to the bereaved.

That being said, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Whenever I hear of a deadly bombing or mass shooting these days — anywhere in the world — my mind immediately leaps to the Irish.  “Those goddamned Irish,” I’ll exclaim to my wife, “they’re always up to no good! Something should really be done about the Irish.” My wife knows instantly why I blame the Irish: They have a long and troubled history of committing terrorist attacks, and it would be downright Racist if not Islamophobic of me to even think of any other group.

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Congratulations to the Red Cross for Beating Donald Trump at His Own Game: Racism

Another day, another ginned-up Racism witch hunt.

We’ve long since passed, in my estimation, the “Onion Singularity;” that is, the point at which it becomes difficult to distinguish stories run in purportedly serious journalistic publications from those found in America’s Finest (Satirical) News Source. So today’s Washington Post story about a “Super Racist Pool Safety Poster” distributed by the American Red Cross is nothing if not keeping with the times.

I post below an image of this hateful, terrible, no-good, cartoon-blackface, Der Sturmer-esque, KKK-inspired abomination. The more delicate-minded ladies in the readership might want to ready their fainting couches and clutching-pearls.

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Brexit and The U.S. Army of Occupation in Europe

I am fundamentally sanguine over the prospects of the UK and Europe in the wake of the June 23 Brexit referendum victory.  For all the hand-wringing, I firmly believe that the parties will reach some kind of amicable settlement and avoid the kind of belligerence that used to be so common in Europe.


Because the U.S. maintains an army of occupation in Europe to this very day.  Honestly: I have far more faith in our airborne troops and our armored cavalry units than I have in the sound judgment of European political leaders.  Angela Merkel may have taken complete leave of her senses and Francois Hollande may be perpetually ineffective and unpopular, but the force of American arms has a way of bringing people around.

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England Elects Donald Trump

That’s what Brexit amounts to, after all.

I say “England,” because Scotland and Northern Ireland both voted overwhelmingly for “Remain.”  It was in the English heartlands where “Leave” won by healthy majorities.  Wales joined England in “Leave,” but Wales is small and nobody cares about Wales.  London also voted “Remain,” but as John Cleese (of Monty Python fame) observed years ago, London is no longer an English city anyway.

For all the hand-wringing over at the good-thinking liberal press outlets (The Atlantic, for example, has churned out a mass of Brexit-fret literature, of which I can only link a few random examples), you’d never think that a bunch of strong-minded Anglo-Saxon citizens would chafe at being politically subjugated to a distant and unresponsive bureaucracy and, one fine summer’s day (proverbially, anyway, as the weather in England on voting day was actually quite foul and rainy), finally decide to break away.  No, such a thing is entirely unknown.  Never happened anywhere.  And if it did happen, the results must have been, without question, an unmitigated disaster for the breakaways.

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